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i'm ready to commit to my own conscious journaling practice

journey with us into the 66-day conscious journaling commitment that starts January 1st, 2024

This experience is for anyone who feels confused about what to journal about each morning. You want to wake up excited to jump out of bed and journal in a way that actually helps change the patterns that are holding you back from seeing the levels of success you desire in all areas of your life: health, wealth, relationships, and self. 

This is for the person who is ready to stop talking about doing it, and who is ready to commit to doing it. Listen, there's nothing wrong with you. You have this big burning desire deep down for something more, but you can't seem to make traction. Let your conscious journaling practice be the place you explore this, explore your subconscious patterns, and be the place you truly begin to get to know you and make the changes (internally and externally) to support you living out your soul mission.

You're not only going to create your own conscious journaling practice, but in the process you'll learn how to make promises to yourself that stick so you can continue to build conscious commitments in all areas of your life.

the commitment: Welcome

Who: You and a community of others, it's gonna be a  v i b e !

What: 66 day transformation, your very own Conscious Journal designed with prompts to support you building a conscious journaling practice, access to the conscious journaling community, weekly live support calls 

Where: Online - Everything is hosted in the Heartbeat Community app

When: January 1st - March 6th

How: Investing in yourself

$111 for the foundation package including everything above, or 

$222 for the upgrade that includes: 2 - 30 minute private journal coaching calls and the conscious journaling practice starter kit (tea lights, incense, pen, and a surprise)!

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the commitment: Headliner


what results can I expect from this?

At the beginning of the experience, you will set an intention for what you desire at the end of the experience and that will dictate your. At the bare minimum, you will learn how to create your own conscious journaling practice, which will include: connecting to your journaling practice by creating an environment that supports you, setting an intention that helps guide your journaling sessions and learning how to apply the conscious journaling framework to that intention so you can make new years resolutions that stick this year!

do I get any one-on-one coaching?

Every week there will be a one hour q&a call where you can get your questions answered. You will also have access to the community chat where you can ask questions in between the live calls. If you're desiring one-on-one coaching, you can upgrade to receive 2, 30-minute journal coaching calls as a part of the experience.

where will this be hosted?

The community chat and trainings will be hosted in the Heartbeat Community app. Our live calls will be on zoom.

what is included with the foundation package?

The foundation package includes:

  • the journal

  • trainings

  • access to the community 

  • weekly live q&a calls

what is included in the upgrade package?

The upgrade package includes everything from the foundation package plus:

  • 2, 30-minute one-on-one zoom calls where we dive deeper into your conscious journaling practice and any questions you have related to it

  • conscious journaling starter kit: incense, tea lights, pen, and a surprise

when can I book my 30-minute calls?

You can book your calls at any point from the start to the end of the experience. I recommend one at the start and then one during the experience to support you as you get deeper into the process and applying the conscious journaling framework.

how do I book my one-on-one calls?


what should I do between now and when it starts?

Once you commit to the experience, you will gain early access to the conscious journaling community. Introduce yourself in there and start getting to know the other community members and posting your questions and thoughts about journaling to get a headstart!

what if I am not available on the start date?

The experience is specifically built for a 66-day commitment, but you can totally choose your own start date that aligns with you. To get the most out of the experience, I recommend you start the commitment in the first week so that you can attend the q&a call. If you miss it, the replays will be available to watch!

what if I miss a q&a call?

If you have a specific question and you know you can't make the call, send me a message with your question and I will still address it on the call. The replays will be available for you to watch! The community chat is also available to you throughout the experience and you can pop into whenever you want and ask questions!

will I have access to the group and the call replays after the experience is done?


the commitment: FAQ
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