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hey, i'm melanie - i'm so glad you're here!

It's my soul mission to guide you to create your own conscious journaling practice to support you living a life of freedom as the most beautifully authentic version of you.

It's my personal testimony and belief that the foundation to getting what you want out of life is done by putting yourself first each day and getting to know yourself through a morning journaling practice.

What you will quickly realize is that when you start to build this relationship with yourself, you will see that all the answers you've been searching for are within you. Your mind and your conditioning has just been too loud for you to hear the whispers of your heart. As time goes on, you will more easily catch yourself in old patterns and course-correct to support the identity shifts required to unapologetically live the life you were meant for deep down.

I speak about this so passionately, because I spent the majority of my life looking outside myself for a sense of peace, fulfillment, belonging, joy. I looked to status symbols to define me and make be feel better about myself. But with every pay check, change in relationship, or number change on the scale, I found myself more empty and lacking the fulfillment I craved deep down. 

It wasn't until I hit rock bottom and experienced my dark night of the soul that I was able to throw everything I had learned or believed out the window to start from scratch ( "scratch" as you can be when you're full of conditioning and baggage from life's scuffles, but I digress). I had no idea what I wanted or who I was but I did know that it wasn't who I had been the past 30 years!

When I sat there, with a blank slate in life - marriage done, business partnerships dissolved, living in a tiny rental, properties lost, and a single dog mama - I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do next, but I was determined to find out.

It was through sessions with my life coach and in my daily journaling practice that I journeyed inward. It's how I started to really get to know me and my own internal voice, it's how I have been able to decondition and rewrite old beliefs that are no longer mine, and even more incredibly, it's where I have cultivated the connection to something so much greater than me. 

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I found my connection to source/god/universe/whateveryouwannacallit and it has busted the door wide open to an entirely new version of reality.

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It is through this connectedness to life and to myself that I was able to redefine all the relationships in my life - with people, with food, with my body, with my romantic relationship, with myself, with source. 

This redefining brought me from picking myself up after a failed relationship that ended in betrayal, to not only trusting again but attracting the dreamiest, conscious, evolving relationship I could have ever imagined without ever swiping on an app. 

It's how I have gone from being obsessed with food and binge eating, where I would swing 20 pounds in a month to falling in love with the natural shape of my body, losing 50 pounds, and being able to sustain a healthy weight and no longer be controlled by food or my pant size.

It's how I went from silencing my soul's cravings with alcohol and partying to allowing myself to do the things I am passionate about without needing to be perfect like playing music and writing poems.

It's how I went from being in the rat race and completely unfulfilled and daydreaming of how I would get out of corporate America, to living out my life's purpose of empowering others to live the life they crave deep down.

And these are just the highlight reel and don't even scratch the surface of all the internal shifts like going from control to trust, anxiety to peace, isolation to connection, trauma to healing, hustle to surrender, co-dependency to love, people pleasing to authenticity.

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None of that would have happened if I was operating the old way - the "I-way". The way I thought was best, the way I wanted it to go, the way I planned it. I, I, I, I, I!!! Even if every single alarm bell, red flag, and metaphorical sprinkler system was going off internally I would trudge forward, wearing the exhaustion and hard work as a badge of honor. 

I'm always going to be totally honest with you - it doesn't mean that everything in my life is perfect now. Are there still things on my vision list that I want and haven't attained yet? Abso-freaking-lutely! But the difference now is that I am not making my happiness, contentment, peace, and joy of life contingent on that 'thing' happening. I am totally okay with putting my hands up and letting the flow of life take me wherever it wants to go (most days, hehe) because I have seen the magic that happens when you get out of mind and into heart and into connection with something greater than you. And now that I have experienced it, I couldn't do it any other way.

I promise you that once you find it (if you haven't already), you're going to want to spend the rest of your life aligning to it, co-creating, and operating out of that place of magic. That is what it means when I say "the answer lives in you", it's your own internal voice that comes forward when you're connected in this way and operating from your highest self. 

It's my soul mission to spread this message and empower you to know that you aren't broken or incapable or lacking discipline, everything you need exists within you. It just needs the time and space to be heard and explored. Let's keep each other conscious and remembering this truth!

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conscious journaling

I couldn't have cultivated this self awareness and connection to the Universe without a conscious journaling practice. Over the years I have searched for the answer of how my purpose of empowering others to live the life they love would manifest in the world. The whole time, it was staring at me straight in the face - I am meant to guide people into cultivating their own conscious journaling practice so they, too, can come home to themselves. I felt called to create a journal specifically designed to support a conscious journaling practice that makes it easy to use the conscious journaling framework if that's in alignment with your journaling intentions. You can adopt these techniques and make them your own to take your journaling practice even deeper, and who knows maybe it's in the pages of your journal that you'll bring your purpose to life too!

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