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what is conscious journaling?

approaching journaling as a practice that is built on the foundation of an intention with aligned techniques and tools to support that intention

There are some things we need to clear up about journaling: 

  • journaling is a tool, it's a modality and there is no right or wrong way to journal

  • but there are ways you can get more juice out of the squeeze by approaching it like you would a yoga practice - creating an environment setting an intention for your practice 

  • from that place you can use different tools and techniques to support your intention

When I went from journaling unconsciously (ie. checking it off my to-do list each morning because it's what I thought I had to do to be successful) to journaling consciously, that's when I really started to transform my internal and external reality. 

The pages of my journals are where I:

  • healed my binge eating and lost 60 pounds

  • attracted a conscious relationship

  • found myself and my soul's purpose

  • learned to trust all the answers live in me

  • and so much moreee!

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journaling tools

choosing a journal that is most aligned with your intention gives you the best chance at getting the most out of your journaling practice

Other than a writing utensil and the physical journal, there aren't many tools you need to support your journaling practice, so take the time to consider your daily tool.

Things you should ask yourself when choosing a journal:

  • Does the structure support the way I want to journal?

  • Is this something I want to use?

  • Does it make me feel good?

  • Is this something I would bring with me to travel?

I created the conscious journal to specifically support a conscious journaling practice. It contains mostly lined, blank pages to allow you the freedom to make the practice your own, but there are several features you won't find in any other journal:

  • letter to me prompt - take inventory of your life and set an intention for the magic that will take place in the journal

  • table of contents - log important breakthrough entries and pages where you set intentions

  • page numbers - this makes it easy to reference back on the important passages

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journaling techniques

there are an infinite number of techniques and prompts you can use in your journaling practice

allow yourself to play with the different techniques and add them to your journaling toolbelt so you can use them in the framework to get the most out of your practice 

I included links* to books or journals below the technique descriptions that I have personally read and think could support you

stream of consciousness

clear your mind and express yourself authentically

shadow work

uncover subconscious programming and stop non-supportive patterns

parts work

bring about peace and feelings of wholeness

daily gratitude

increase your vibration and train yourself to focus on good

inner child healing

recognize past trauma and heal to move forward

daily affirmations

decondition and rewrite beliefs that consciously align with you


review past journal entries for a deeper understanding of yourself and your patterns

This is just a short list of techniques you can use but a really great place to start!

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conscious journaling: Text
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