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the conscious journaling framework

a framework that puts it all together and answers the question: "what should I journal about?"

There's no shortage of journaling prompts and techniques out there, but how do you know which ones are right for you? And why is it that you can use a journaling prompt promising to 'finally be the prompt that solves your problem', only to leave you disappointed, confused, and in the same place a week later, attempting another prompt. I know because I have been there!

The conscious journaling framework solves this problem! It's the masculine structure that supports your intention and acts as a north star for you to select the prompts and techniques which are the feminine portals into each part of the framework. What I love about the structure is it is totally customizable and you can employ your favorite techniques such as shadow work or inner child healing within it!​

intention - set the intention 

awareness - cultivate awareness around what has/hasn't worked

integration - put the awareness into action

reflection - evaluating your progress


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the trail analogy

It's helpful to think of applying the conscious journaling framework to the analogy of you getting ready to embark on a hike

You are starting at the beginning of your journey and your goal is to get to the lookout point (intention).

For some reason, you keep getting turned around and finding yourself back at the beginning. It's at the crossroads point, where you could be moving towards your lookout point, but instead, you are taking a wrong turn that points you back to the beginning. During the awareness phase of the framework you'll uncover that crossroads point.

Once you're aware of where you get turned around, you get to make a plan on blazing the trail to your lookout point. This is going to require taking a new action once you get to the crossroads point (integration phase).

Finally, you wrap it up with taking a pause on your hike to see how you're doing (reflection). You contemplate. How did the integration plan go? Did you make it to the lookout point? If not, what adjustments can you make to get there?

The conscious journal has worksheets that guide you through the framework and an audio bundle that will take all the guesswork out of applying this framework to your daily journaling practice!

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