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Hey, I'm Melanie! 

It's my soul mission to guide others inward to cultivate a deeper level of self awareness and to remember that the answers you seek live in you.

When you understand why you do what you do and uncover your own blueprint for success, you more easily catch yourself in old patterns and can course-correct to support the identity shift required to unapologetically live a life that is authentic to you.

It's my calling to use the wisdom I have gained navigating the old way to wake people up and show them there is a new way. I am here to tell you that you don't need to hit rock bottom before making a change to live a fulfilled, peaceful, and connected life. It starts with you. It starts with slowing down and looking within to finally listen to the quiet whispers of your heart and soul that have been begging to be center stage for a while now. It starts one morning at a time. One journal entry at a time.

Your journey inward on the path to that life you always dreamed of can start today if you really want it to. I promise you, it's never too late, your future self will thank you for even taking the smallest tiny baby step. It's not nearly as scary as the thought of getting to the end of your life and wondering what would have happened if you did. You already know what to do deep down, no one else can tell you what you need or what your heart truly desires, I'm just here to remind you of that truth. I bet some things are already coming to mind, let them run free. They've been pent up for a while now and have been waiting for a door to enter back into your life. Give them the space to swirl and wrap you up in inspiration and hope and aliveness. Be filled by this passion you've probably been silencing for so long, drink it up! If you're scared, let me assure you that it absolutely means you're on the right track. Congratulations love, courage and facing those fears is one of the mile markers on the journey back to you. 

Maybe you will find comfort in my story and hearing how I have been navigating this journey inward, so let me give you the cliff notes. I spent the first part of my life looking outside myself for answers. I was in desperate pursuit of fulfilment and joy and love that I only seemed to find portrayed in the movies. What I quickly realized was that society's roadmap of the 'American Dream' was not the solution to my problems, it was the root of them. Putting my head down to chase the vision of a corner office, lavish vacations, and the white picket fence was not what I wanted. What I wanted was the feelings I thought I would have when I got those things. Deep down, what I really wanted was to feel love, joy, fulfillment, purpose, gratitude..I wanted to feel alive! Chasing that illusion came at a cost to my body and required a complete neglect of my inner voice. I numbed myself with food and alcohol on the weekends and a piddly 2 weeks of vacation a year so I could silence the inner voice screaming 'there has got to be another way'. Deep down I always knew that the external accolades weren't going to give me what I was in search of, but truthfully I had no idea of what another way would look like or how to even get started.

Getting laid off in 2017 was the first domino that initiated an entire collapse of the old life I had built, my dark night of the soul. It was one of the worst and best times of my life because I was determined to figure out who I was underneath it all. This is when I allowed myself to slow down and I began to turn the focus inward. It is when I was able to start to truly heal, discover who I was, and align towards the joy and fullness in life I always knew was possible.

Reading the book 'Miracle Morning' and creating a daily devotional practice was one of the first things I did to start moving towards living a life I loved. This is when I really looked to myself and started to explore who I was for the first time. Truly. Deep down. Behind the conditioning, expectations, trauma and past experiences. I answered the questions on my heart, healed and loved on the parts of me that needed it, and set sights on my future visions I have always been destined for. The mornings are a time of reflection and intention. They're peaceful and calm, they're all mine and they're the most sacred minutes of my day. It has been 6 years since I started this practice and I cherish my mornings even more now than I did at the beginning. With 20-something journals filled front to back and a completely different physical reality, I know they were a pivotal part in me finding myself and experiencing life in a deeper way than I ever thought possible.

Over the years, journaling and my mornings have helped me to wade through the muck of being laid off, heal after a divorce that ended in betrayal, lose pounds and rewrite my relationship with food, unpack and release childhood traumas, attract and thrive in a conscious relationship, but most importantly, it helped me to start to uncover who I really was. Spoiler alert: I still don't fully know, but I'm a heck of a lot closer than I have ever been to living a life on my terms.

Through my experiences, I have gained the wisdom to guide others on their journey of self exploration. I always find myself telling people to 'journal about it' and eventually felt the call to create a journal with the same format and design I have grown to love over the years to share with the world and empower others to cultivate their own life altering journaling practice too

It is my truth and personal testimony that all the answers we seek are within ourselves, we just need to give them the time and space to be heard (or written)!  

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

C. G. Jung

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